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Bart Skils

Bart Skils


Mar 24  Main Sounds 3rd Anniversary, Arenele Romane, Bucharest, Romania
Mar 25  Club 27, Tübingen, Germany
Mar 26  thuishaven, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 31  Dorian Gray Club, Cordoba, Argentina

Apr 01  Bodega Baudron, Mendoza, Argentina
Apr 06  Dicken's, La Plata, Argentina
Apr 07  Club QUBA, Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Apr 08  Bahrein Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apr 14  Awakening, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 15  Chapter Festival, The rainbow Venues, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Apr 16  Factory 010, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Apr 21  Electric Zoo, Jockey Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 27  Loveland van Oranje, Meerpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 28  Festival Svojsice Warmup, Storm club, Prague, Czech Republic
Apr 30  Hans-Bunte-Areal, Freiburg, Germany

May 06  Dockyard, Zaandam, Netherlands
May 07  Voltt, Woodstock , Bloemendaal, Netherlands
May 20  Drumcode, Factory 93, Los Angeles, ., United States
May 24  Ritter Butzke, Berlin, Germany
May 27  Trouwerij Dorus, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jun 03  Halcyon, Hangar 34, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Jun 04  Pollerwiesen, Pollerwiesen, Dortmund, Germany
Jun 10  we are together - Sommerclosing, Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt, Germany

Jul 09  Extrema Outdoor, Wanroij, Netherlands
Jul 30  Voltt, Woodstock , Bloemendaal, Netherlands

Aug 12  Wilde Moehre Festival, Wilde Möhre Festival, Drebkau, Germany
Aug 12  Loveland, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 26  Voltt Festival, NDSM Docklands, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Spooker is directed at supporting artists and events, primarily in electronic music and nightlife. Our efforts are handling and booking shows in the Netherlands and more recently in Israel and the Middle East, all coordinated from an Amsterdam based office.

Amsterdam's electronic music scene has professionalized in recent years, and Spooker has found its own unique place within this world. We manage and provide business support for some of the finest Dutch artists. Our aim is to help and provide an environment, in which the artist can grow creatively and professionally.

Currently Spooker, founded by Daan Spoek, is building a solid foundation on which the organization can grow consistently through human and transparent business. Always focusing on tomorrow, the intention is to establish reliable long term relationships with our partners.

Get off the dime, it's Spooker time.


Daan Spoek
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Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1 / T14
The Netherlands
Office + 31 (0)20 - 3318540

Lon van den Berg
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Volcmar Lammers
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